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Importing sessions from other workstations
AAF and OMF files can contain “embedded” media or “non embedded”
media. You need to use embedded media for ArdourXchange. Whatever
your source DAW (Pyramix, Pro Tools, Nuendo etc) you’ll need to select
the “embedded” option before exporting your project.
When you export the project you might see an option to ‘enforce Avid
compatibility’. If your DAW offers this option, please de-select it.
Select your exported session and click “Open”. This should launch
ArdourXchange which can take a few seconds
After you launch Mixbus / Ardour (but before opening any sessions)
use “Open Session->Browse” to navigate to your chosen folder.
Click on the “OK” button to start importing. The rest should happen
Place your exported project file (AAF or OMF) into a folder where Mixbus
can find it (or where Ardour can find it - if you’re an Indamixx user).
Remember that OMF is supported only in Mixbus.